This is frequently asked questions of the app inventory management. If you have a question please read this FAQ or contact support inside the app.


How can I download the Inventory Management App?

Go to the Google Play app store and download the inventory management app and start managing your inventory.

How can I create a storage location?

How can I create a storage location range?

How can I add an item to a storage location?

How can I remove a product from a storage location?

How can I move a product to another storage location?

How can I improve my inventory accuracy and count the stock with count cycles?

How can I add multiple devices to a company?

How can I remove an item form my inventory?

Make sure you don’t have any items of this product in your inventory. If you do have items in your inventory remove them using the “Out” function. The press the “Products” button on the main screen and find your product. Press the Inactive switch to make the product inactive. Now you cannot select this item anymore.

Remove item from inventory